Enjoy Great Moments

Enjoy Great Moments – That was the lesson title of a sermon series from Chip Ingram, a pastor I enjoy listening to and learning from.  No, this reflection article isn’t going to preach to you in a religious sense so stay with me.  I found the title and the content of this message spoke to me because of my personality type and inner drive.  So as a person who strives to continually grow and stretch themselves, please keep reading.

I’ve spent the last few months rearranging my schedule, looking at my planner, and focusing on designing my life vs designing my business.  I found my priorities were out of alignment, and I was missing out on some great moments because I was constantly pushing myself to the next challenge.  I wasn’t giving myself permission to play until my work was done, which in some cases is a good standard to live by.  The problem I encountered, being a potential driven- what’s the next challenge person, is my work was never done.  As a result I was missing time to connect, play, and laugh.  I was missing valuable time with my growing boys, and I was not investing in the connection and growth of my marriage, which should be my most important relationship here on earth!  I was also missing time to rejuvenate and do things I enjoy in life for myself.  The lyrics of a song come to mind, I don’t remember the song or the group but the lyrics ring clear, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Now don’t misunderstand me, there are sacrifices to be made, and times to give up play for the process.  This is necessary for growth!  But my challenge to you is, where do you draw the line?  When the see-saw stays down on one side too long, that’s when your inner fun has to start screaming and yelling to let them down so they can be part of the action!

I’ve personally made a lot of sacrifices to grow and prepare to meet challenges and create opportunity, and I continue to do so because I believe growth never stops.  But the big difference for me now is, I’m intentionally creating the discipline I need to slow down and truly invest in the moments that matter for a lifetime.  Shaking hands on a business deal you’ve worked hard for feels great, but it doesn’t compare to the joy of sharing a connected conversation with your spouse, or watching the example you’ve set as a parent play out in the day-to-day lives of your kids.  Those are the impressions that will last a lifetime and beyond.  So my three challenges for you today are to:


  1. Re-examine your priorities and ask, “Am I maintaining a good balance?” (It would also be good to get external feedback from those around you, and from the relationships you value the most)  If you’re maintaining a good balance of give and take, great!  If not, define what needs to change, and begin the intentional change process now.


  1. Second, what things do you truly enjoy doing that rejuvenate you? Incorporate one or two things back into your life that are pure fun.


  1. Most importantly, give yourself permission to have fun! This will also grow you as a leader.  Who wants to be around someone who never has fun?!


Keep Growing, Derek Newcomer.

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