Leadership – Keep it simple

Leadership…this is the business I am in, the lifestyle I live, and the passion that tugs at my soul.  As we take a look at this buzzword, as we could call it in the business world- as it has gained much traction over the past decade, we need to first define what it really means.

Dr. John C. Maxwell, the worlds #1 leadership expert, defines it as follows: “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”  I believe he is exactly right.  On the professional level we have made leadership too complicated, in some cases put it on a pedestal, and labeled it for a few.  On a personal level we tend to undermine its value, what it really means, and its potential impact on our lives.

I am here to say that leadership is for everyone, on every level, according to their own definition of growth and success.  As we close out the year, I want to reflect on the lessons that I have learned, or have been reinforced in my mind, about the irreplaceable value of true leadership.  Following are my top 3 leadership growth points from 2017.  Read on and grow!

  1. Leadership is for everyone.

Leadership is your ability to serve your family, faith, business or job, personal relationships, and what you value most.  It determines your effectiveness in executing your goals and achieving what is important in your life.  In Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, law #1 is The Law of the Lid.  Simply put, The Law of the Lid states your leadership ability determines how high you can go.  If you want to go higher, you must raise your leadership lid, your ceiling for growth.

  1. It doesn’t come with a title.

Leadership is all encompassing.  It is a standard by which you live.  Yes, elements will change according to your environment.  However, don’t misconstrue the idea of being a leader as having a title.  The CEO, COO, President, or Department Manager may have management responsibilities; however, their ability to connect with their teams, communicate a shared vision, and effectively support the team through the journey determines their leadership ability.  As a leader this is an attitude we carry, the ability to be resilient in the face of adversity, and add value to the environment no matter what the circumstances.

Leaders are born…and made.  Not everyone is, or will be, equipped to lead a large organization, or to be the head of a country.  However, every person has the ability to grow their leadership in relation to their personal strengths and vision.

  1. It starts with you, but it is not about you.

Once you stop growing your leadership; your ability, awareness, and perspective stop growing.  In essence you are saying, ‘I’m good enough for my relationships, my family, my business, and my priorities.’  As one of my favorite motivational speakers Inky Johnson states, “At a certain point in life it can’t just be about you.  And the moment that we understand that every day we wake up that life is a blessing, that life is a gift, and if you were to check out today how would you want to be remembered?  It’s bigger than you.”


My questions for you are:

What are you doing to keep growing your leadership ability in 2018?

How are you preparing yourself to add value to your responsibilities and priorities in 2018?

Make it consistent, not complicated.


Yours in growth,

Derek Newcomer

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